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Remote Monitoring Solutions

At the core of our remote monitoring solution is the URT2800, a remote telemetry unit (RTU), based on the industry standard PAC hardware from Opto22, and combined with embedded web interface application software. Its main functions are simplifying remote connectivity and data collection from remote assets using a single concentrator, providing alerts and alarms of any abnormal conditions in connected I/O and intelligent devices and allowing easy on site installation and remote maintenance by non specialized staff.

Benefits include: avoiding need for costly programmers, reducing start-up time, simplifying future software support and eliminating the risks involved with software development

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Production Monitoring Systems

We offer the manufacturing industry a cost-effective way to improve operations by implementing custom built production monitoring software to report on, analyze, and monitor resource usage through an architecture that helps companies reduce costs, increase revenue, and maximize the value of information. We achieve this by leveraging all the sources of data available throughout the manufacturing process to deliver a holistic view and actionable data with minimal IT involvement.

Benefits include: monitoring trends and patterns to instantly spot deviations, evaluating effectiveness of production activities and defining and measuring key performance metrics.

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Mobile HMI

We develop completely custom mobile HMIs, built from the ground up with original graphic design elements and place strong emphasison keeping engineers, operators and technicians informed from anywhere and to have instant access to key operational performance indicators. Users can access real-time plant diagrams, real-time/historical trends, charts and also navigate control operations through interactive graphics. For responsiveness alarms can be acknowledged and monitored remotely.

Benefits include: maximising the value of plant data, lowering travel costs and improving real-time decisions.

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Process Supervision & Control

We design, develop and deliver turn-key projects for a variety of economic sectors including the mining, milling, chemical, brewing, food, cement and agricultural industries. We harness the unique abilities of our SNAP PAC System combined with our expertise in communication protocols to provide organisations with a system design approach that allows plant operators to achieve highest levels of efficiency while ensuring a safe and compliant plant operation.