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Opto 22's SNAP PAC System is an integrated system of hardware and software for industrial control, remote monitoring, and data acquisition applications. The SNAP PAC System makes it simpler to understand, select, buy, and apply an automation system.

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OptoEMU System

An OptoEMU Sensor Energy Monitoring Unit quickly and easily monitors the energy you use. You can see and analyse detailed data and use it in building and control systems to reduce energy costs.

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Solid State Relays

Opto 22 offers a complete line of solid state relays, from the rugged 120/240-volt AC Power Series to the small-footprint MP Series, designed for mounting on printed circuit boards.

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The perfect companion for your Allen-Bradley® System SNAP I/O from Opto 22 extends your A-B PLC system with distributed Ethernet I/O where you need it, plus advanced process control features.

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